Jack bottle Cap Liner


Convertacor’s range of beverage EPE liner seals are designed to seal plastic and glass bottles - essential to seal the product properly to prevent leakage and contamination


We have developed liners for these products.

750ML Cordial bottle with ROPP cap

750ML Spirits bottle with ROPP cap

EPE Liner

Made from foamed closedcell low-density polyethylene, our general-purpose beverage EPE liner seals prevent leaks and ensure product freshness. We can develop liners specific to customer requirements.

Ensuring Leak-Proof and Contaminant-Free Beverages

Proper sealing is essential in beverage packaging to prevent leakage and contamination, which can compromise the quality and safety of the product. Convertacor’s range of beverage EPE liner seals provides a reliable solution for sealing both plastic and glass bottles, ensuring your beverages remain fresh and secure.

Why Choose Convertacor’s Beverage EPE Liner Seals?

Leak Prevention and Freshness: Our EPE liners are made from foamed closed-cell low-density polyethylene, designed specifically to prevent leaks and maintain product freshness. By creating an air-tight seal, these liners ensure that your beverages are protected from external contaminants and retain their quality from production to consumption.

Custom Solutions: At Convertacor, we understand that each customer has unique needs. We offer custom printing options for our EPE liner seals, allowing you to enhance your brand’s visibility and ensure that the packaging aligns with your specific requirements.

Versatile Applications

Our beverage EPE liner seals are suitable for a wide range of beverage products, including coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Whether you are packaging instant beverages or other drink types, our liners provide the necessary protection to keep your products safe and fresh.

Additional Benefits

Tamper Evidence: Our beverage EPE liners provide clear tamper evidence, reassuring consumers that the product they purchase has not been compromised.

Food Grade and FDA Compliant: Convertacor’s EPE liners are food grade approved and comply with FDA regulations, ensuring they meet the highest standards for food safety.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability, and our EPE liners are designed to support eco-friendly practices in the packaging industry.

By choosing Convertacor’s beverage EPE liner seals, you are ensuring that your beverages are securely sealed, fresh, and protected from contamination. Trust our advanced sealing technology and customizable solutions to meet your packaging needs and provide the best experience for your customers.

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