Closure Liner Solutions For All Applications

Convertacor is the Leading Closure Liner Manufacturer in South Africa

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As a leading closure liner manufacturer in South Africa: 

  • We manufacture and convert closure liners.
  • We supply material in reel and slit form.
  • We offer pre-cut liners.
  • We offer wadding (assembly of liners into caps).
  • We supply turnkey solutions for sealing containers – from design to implementation.
  • We supply heat induction machinery for a full range of applications.

Supplying market leading sealing solutions for

40 Years

ISO Certified

Established 40 Years 

Our products are manufactured to US FDA standards.


Closure liners are used primarily for leak prevention, tamper evidence, and protecting
freshness. We manufacture closure liners for multiple applications across various industries.

Heat Induction Machines

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